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Temecula Montessori Parent Testimonials



I am thrilled to have this opportunity to submit this correspondence on behalf of Temecula Montessori.  I CONFIDENTLY express my sincere admiration, appreciation and respect for such an outstanding academic program, faculty and facility.  My daughter has been a student and recipient of the highest quality education that can be found in the Inland Empire for 5 years.  Since the age of two years old, my daughter excelled academically based upon the love, nurturing and unique approach to teaching fostered by Temecula Montessori.  The education assessed at Temecula Montessori is above and beyond what is expected at other educational organizations.  I feel privileged to have found a school that has provided a foundation in support of life-long learning!  Temecula Montessori has earned my STRONGEST RECOMMENDATION!!

- Tawanna Blanche


Our children, Adam & Chloie (boy/girl twins) have been attending the Temecula Montessori since they were 2 years old (now 5 and about to start Kindergarten). Between the two of them, they have participated in every classroom with every teacher at the school over the last 3 years. We have been so happy not only with the school’s Montessori program and our children’s academic progress, but more importantly with the teachers and staff that have given our children such wonderful love and attention. Whenever I pick them, my kids make a stop at every teacher there as we are leaving to get/give hugs. Not only would I highly recommend this facility to everyone, I would highly encourage them to give it a try. The Montessori method of teaching is amazing and it works to the benefit of every child – that is the beauty of it. I am grateful that our children are blessed to be part of such a wonderful school as Temecula Montessori.

- Liana Binder


My child has been attending Temecula Montessori Academy for 2 years. I am very proud of my daughter, for what she has learned at Temecula Montessori Academy.  She is doing addition and subtraction skills, and she reads chapter books.  She is only 6 years old!  I am very pleased with the way they teach at Temecula Montessori Academy.  It has given my daughter a lot of confidence in herself.

- Mrs. Lopez